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Episode 1

Published on:

14th Aug 2019


SRVD RADIO 'The 22nd Season (?), trapped in Perfectionism and going from Leaving to Living'

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In this very FIRST episode of SRVD Radio:

Introducing your host, Raf and sharing the nuts and bolts of SRVD Radio; a brief chat of SRVD's genesis, overall ideas for SRVD Radio and a brief intro into 'Leaving to Living'.

The episode then dives into understanding the reasons for developing SRVD, SRVD Radio and how 'Leaving to Living' was created.

Exploring the three phases of SVRD's 'Leaving to Living' program:

-    PHASE 1: Transition

-    PHASE 2: Identity Crisis

-    PHASE 3: Nostalgia / Legacy

with a quick deep dive into SRVD's GetOneGiveOne campaign - an exclusive two sticker campaign that dovetails into the 'Leaving to Living' vision.

Sharing the four planned SRVD Radio segments:

- The Grumpy Sergeant - Gentle reminders from a retired Master Sergeant

- The Mentor Minute of the Week - Game changing 'level-ups' in small doses

- The SRVD Mission Brief - The main event, the meat and potatoes, the purpose of this idea

- The Leaving to Living Debrief - Actionable items, Leadership tid-bits; now, go 'BE' about it and go 'DO'

Wrapping up the show with a Special Thanks to Mark Asquith ( and a very special 'THANK YOU' dedication to my Wife, Mindy.

I finish the show by introducing my 'end of show' tag line, BUT I mess it up and get it wrong... full circle in breaking through my chase for perfection - I leave the recording alone and roll with it!

As a challenge to myself... this show was completely recorded with only one take, recorded live here in Maryland (USA) with no post-production fixing or effects and published with all its imperfections...taking my own advice and giving myself some GRACE!

"I'll see you on the line...Onward!!!"

Drop me a line via email or snail-mail at:

SRVD | 145 Fleet Street | #256 | National Harbor | MD | 20745


Published on:

13th Aug 2019


SRVD RADIO 'John Lee Dumas | Entrepreneurs on Fire Promo |'

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John Lee Dumas of the 'Entrepreneurs on Fire' podcast promotes SRVD and SRVD Radio. JLD is a U.S. Military Veteran that is excited about Raf's vision for SRVD.

JLD has been instrumental in SRVD Radio's development and roll out. A very special "Thanks" to John and Kate for assisting in the journey!


Check out JLD at or on your favorite podcast app!

Prepare to IGNITE! Onward!!!


Published on:

6th Aug 2019


What is SRVD Radio?

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This SRVD Radio Trailer is a two minute preview of "What to expect from SRVD Radio".

Share SRVD and SRVD Radio with any Servicemember, Responder, Veteran or Dependent that you know.

Helping in working through 'Leaving to Living' and growing the SRVD community with the GetOne-GiveOne sticker campaign.

Send me a request via email or snail mail to get your two FREE stickers!

I appreciate you taking the time, thank you for your support and for joining me on this journey!

I'll see you on the line...Onward!!!

Raf - Founder, SRVD

Drop me a line via email or snail-mail at:

SRVD | 145 Fleet Street | #256 | National Harbor | MD | 20745

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SRVD Radio
Helping in working through 'Leaving to Living' and growing the SRVD community with the GetOneGiveOne sticker campaign.
"SRVD" is simply the word "SERVED". This SRVD journey started exactly 4 years ago -- you see around this time period in 2015, I had achieved my goal of reaching 20 years of Honorable Military Service. I was ready to start my 'normal-civilian-life' -- what I didn't know was that the biggest challenge of my entire life was just brewing and in a few short months... I was going to become, "That GUY"--lost in the dark valley of my mind without a plan...