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13th Aug 2019

SRVD RADIO 'John Lee Dumas | Entrepreneurs on Fire Promo |'

John Lee Dumas of the 'Entrepreneurs on Fire' podcast promotes SRVD and SRVD Radio. JLD is a U.S. Military Veteran that is excited about Raf's vision for SRVD.

JLD has been instrumental in SRVD Radio's development and roll out. A very special "Thanks" to John and Kate for assisting in the journey!


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Prepare to IGNITE! Onward!!!

Show artwork for SRVD Radio

About the Podcast

SRVD Radio
Helping in working through 'Leaving to Living' and growing the SRVD community with the GetOneGiveOne sticker campaign.
"SRVD" is simply the word "SERVED". This SRVD journey started exactly 4 years ago -- you see around this time period in 2015, I had achieved my goal of reaching 20 years of Honorable Military Service. I was ready to start my 'normal-civilian-life' -- what I didn't know was that the biggest challenge of my entire life was just brewing and in a few short months... I was going to become, "That GUY"--lost in the dark valley of my mind without a plan...